The Easy Qur’an

• A healthy tone of simplicity, accuracy and spiritually prevails throughout the translation.

• There is a skilful blending of literal meanings and its relevant interpretations which are compact and concise.

• Long footnotes have been avoided and the emphasis was laid on the context and its meaning.

• Wherever necessary, the author has generously used parenthesis to facilitate the comprehension of the text.

• A balance has been maintained between the length and brevity by limiting detailed interpretations.

• A distinction of this translation is that most of Ahadith in the footnotes have been given in Arabic text as well, along with their proper punctuation marks to facilitate correct reading by the non-Arabic readers. References to alHadith were also given to ensure authenticity.

• Another distinguished feature of this translation is that the recent scientifi c discoveries were also included in it wherever relevant. They clearly prove that the Holy Qur’an is the book of Allah Almighty.

• "The Easy Qur’an" obviously inculcates in the minds of its readers love for the understanding of Allah’s Glorious Book and in following of the letter and spirit.

• Following the way of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama'ah in the explanation and exposition, while being distanced from creed-based errors and doubts.

• Connecting the preceding verses with the following verses as the divine message changes from one subject to the other.

• Choosing to employ expressions that are commonly used and easy to understand for better grasp of enlightenment.

• Avoiding diffi cult phrases and explications that may burden the nonArab-speaking readers while still preserving the minutest knowledge-based points in its phrases.

• Considering the views of the scholars of our times by benefi ting from their knowledge and experience in giving easy presentations of Allah's words to non-Muslims on the path of inviting (to Allah's way).

• A very important feature this edition is that it has included reasons of the revelation of the verses of the Holy Qur’an based on authentic works of the scholars of the past like Imam Al-Wahidi, Imam As-Suyuti, and other books of Ahadith.


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